At PanTher Therapeutics, we aim to provide superior technologies for revolutionizing the treatment of inoperable locally advanced solid tumors.

PanTher designed its novel delivery method to potentially eliminate the toxicity and debilitating side effects that chemo agents can produce when delivered systemically through traditional IV or oral administration. By changing the route of administration to target just the tumor, PanTher is designed to increase the amount of drug reaching the intended destination with the aim to enhance therapeutic efficacy. Eliminating adverse outcomes may also help to lower healthcare costs.

The first indication will be Pancreatic Cancer, one of the most lethal diseases where excruciating symptoms arise from the primary mass invading nearby vital organs.

The company is completing pre-clinical studies prior to initiate human trials and exploring opportunities for partnerships to expand product pipeline. To learn more on our approach and inquire about potential collaborations contact us at info@panthertx.com