A quantum
leap forward
in the fight against cancer

PanTher’s technology unleashes the inherent power of cancer-fighting drugs by enabling continuous, high-dose treatment exclusively at the site of a tumor.

The Power of
Technology Convergence
with PanTher’s innovative cancer drug development platform
Available Chemotherapeutic Agents' effectiveness is often limited by systemic dose-limiting toxicities.
Physical access
to tumors
can be leveraged via minimally invasive procedures that have become broadly used in cancer care.
new generation
of long-lasting, high-dose, local chemotherapeutic cancer treatments

More drug where you want it
Over 100 times increase in drug concentration at the tumor site compared to systemic administration

Less drug where it’s not needed
Limited, if any, systemic exposure which enables favorable tolerability

Long-lasting Therapeutic effect
Continuous release of therapeutic levels of drug at the tumor site over a significantly extended duration of treatment (weeks or months)

How we develop long-lasting, HIGH-DOSE cancer TREATMENTS
ONE Engineer PanTher’s polymer-based drug product to administer a drug (or drugs) at an optimal dose over the desired duration of treatment
TWO Design PanTher’s drug product with the physical attributes (e.g., circular flexible film) that allow it to be readily used with established interventional oncology procedures
THREE Clinical assessment of surgical feasibility, safety, and therapeutic benefit in oncology

Proprietary technology platform

Our SagittariTM platform enables us to create drug products that are optimized for dose and duration and engineered into a shape that can be easily integrated into existing, interventional oncology procedures.

Lead product candidate

Our lead product candidate, PTM-101, is in ongoing clinical development for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

See PTM-101 results from first-in-human clinical study presented at AACR 2024

Emerging pipeline opportunities

Based on the broad capabilities of our Sagittari platform, we are exploring a number of pipeline opportunities.

April 8, 2024
PanTher Therapeutics Presents Positive First-in-Human Data for PTM-101 in Pancreatic Cancer at AACR Annual Meeting

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April 5, 2024
PanTher Therapeutics Announces Appointment of John Edwards as Executive Chair of the Board of Directors

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